Father and son team who are both car fanatics entering their first enduro rally. We see this as an adventure and a great challenge that we can share together, in both the preparation of the car and participation in the rally itself.

Murray Jackson (father) – Murray is an industrial engineer, but has never worked for one day as an engineer. Spent twenty years with BHP in the mining, steel and oil industries, and for the last twenty years has had an education business based in Taiwan. He has always been interested in cars, and bought his first VW Beetle as a 16 year old, before he gained his driver’s licence in Australia. A procession of VW’s followed, with most weekends spent “under the bonnet”. Now interested in European cars, particularly Mercedes and Porsches.

Adam Jackson (son) – Adam is an IT guy, who should have been an engineer, as he excelled in pulling anything mechanical apart from a very early age. His work combines his three hobbies – computers, cars and photography. Interested in Australian and American muscle cars (V8’s), especially GM cars – Holden HSVs, Holden Monaros, and Chevrolet Camaros. He has rebuilt and restored a Datsun 1600, a Mercedes (installing a Chev V8) and an iconic Holden HK Monaro GTS.

Murray and Adam live in different countries, Taiwan and Australia respectively, thus most of the rally car preparation was managed by Adam, with him doing all the grunt work in pulling the car apart.